Saturday, December 27, 2014

Accept you are accepted.

    Going through an old blog, I found an old sermon I posted. I generally don't like my old sermons. But I dig this part of it. So I am re posting. Apparently this was my most popular post.      

            For me, this story, this Christian life is not about us “finding Jesus.” I’m sure you've heard some Christians ask you “Have you found Jesus?” My first thought is always to answer “I didn't know he was missing, did you look behind the couch?” I make myself laugh sometimes.
            But there is truth in my joke. Jesus is not the one to be found. Sure, a relationship with him should be sought after, but Jesus not the one that is lost. For me, every day is one that I must ask myself, what has separated me from God? What has lead me astray from my relationship with Jesus? Will I LET JESUS FIND ME?
            You see, because Jesus has already found us. He has already accepted us for who we are; cuts, bruises messiness and all. I recently read a chapter of theologian Paul Tillich book “Shaking the Foundations.” The chapter is entitled "You are accepted." He writes that our sin is a separation from God; grace overwhelms us, claims us and we are accepted in spite of being lost or rejected. In Christ on the cross, whose rejection on that cross was accepted by God, Christ has reconnected us to God. He finds us even when we separate ourselves from his love.
            So I challenge you to accept that you are accepted! Accept that though you may be lost, but God who is in Christ longs to find you. The one who breathed life into us has already accepted us and has instilled a sense of purpose and meaning into the very fiber of our being.  He loves us enough to seek us out. How will we share this good news on this speck of dirt we call earth? Who knows, but life is a journey. We do not seek the destination, because we know God seeks to be on the walk with us.  So let us rejoice in the refuge and strength that is our God. Will you travel home with me as we become lost and found?

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