Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chaos has Descended.

Today was a rough day. It was the one year anniversary of the suicide of a resident in my CCRC. One of my flock. I spent a good chunk of the day with this persons widow, as well as the couple that witnessed the events unfold. 
In light of Lent, My heart yearns for the resurrection, and my heart is continually broken for God's people. But we are Easter people; and Easter is coming! 

Below is what I shared with my team that week last year:

I walked my people through a trauma this week. And they walked me through it. So in light of Good Friday, this is what I shared with them:
"It has been a rough week. Chaos has descended.(Oh, yeah, yeah it’s Holy Week.) Death’s sting has stung. Death is a Liar. It’s Friday! BUT that IS the good news; cause Sunday is coming!
Nothing, NOTHING is outside the redemptive reach of God. We ARE Easter people.
See you at the empty tomb!
Rev. Sal"

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