Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yay! It's Springtime!

Before you call me crazy and tell me to look outside at the foot of frozen snow we still have outside, let me say again Yay it's springtime! Yes, I know officially, spring doesn't start until March 20th or the spring equinox.

But for those of us observing the Christian calender and the period of fasting before Easter, we call it Lent. And Lent in old English means spring. So, there's that. It's Spring; be happy.

Lent is perhaps the most serious season in the Church calender. We take time to pray and fast. We consider our mortality and our sinfulness. We take time to look within ourselves. We look to do penitence and confession. (Scary Roman Catholic-y sounding words for some of my Protestant friends I am sure). But, they are biblical, and they focus us towards Christ. We are called to look at our lives and examine them in light of the one we call Lord. Its a good time to be honest with ourselves and with God.

So this Lent I suggest you take some time to earnestly pray and examine yourself. Rather than saying I give up french fries for Lent, ask yourself what deep dark dirty thing in your life you want to work with God to change. And then fail. And then try again. God honestly wants you journey with you to the cross, so that those deep dirty things can be left at the foot of the cross while we walk with the resurrected Jesus.

Oh, and if you tell me you are giving up chocolate for Lent....I'm walking away.( But you can follow me and we can discuss what to really give up.) This Lent, be serious. Commit to serious discipleship and the hard work that entails. BUT; be happy. Easter is coming. The resurrected Christ is coming. We are a people of "Yes, but not yet!"

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